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Drone Services in Nepal (first registered).

Madhuka Drone Services Pvt. Ltd  is been planned with the purpose to provide  various services of drones that will make the lives of people better. Various aerial tasks, mostly focused on data acquisition, that is required to be performed at different fields of operation is provided by our company with accuracy, efficiency, low risk and low cost.

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    What We Are Doing as an Expert?

    Drone Based Geological Mapping.

    Cheap, Efficient and Innovative Approach

    Drone survey and mapping has changed the traditional use of total station, GPS, laser scanner and even a robotic automation. Mapping drone has became new innovative and revolutionary mapping tools which is capable to give huge data very quickly with high accuracy rate then any other competitive tools and job become safe and efficient for operators.
    Traditionally it used to take months of duration to survey site of 100 acres and outputs were point line in a sheet of paper, but now drone mapping is able to give real picture of terrain surface up to 2 cm resolution with accurate X, Y & Z level. This accuracy and feature of drone mapping has helped a lot in mine survey, large land survey, corridor survey. route survey and in other engineering levels.

    With the help of this cutting edge technology, now, engineers has digital surface and terrain model with 20 cm interval of contour that has will give important result for project like road extraction, center line delineation, accurate edge marking curves, dept and width of drains, profile of drains, height of roof of building, height of roof top area, electric line and pole detection and manhole identification and indexing. Outputs generated by the drone mapping can be used in and compatible with different engineering tools such as CAD, ArcGIs and so forth. Madhukaa Drone Service is first company to provide drone based survey & mapping solution in Nepal. We have done many projects using drone for village development, urban planning, road designing and so forth.


    We can operate drone mapping by taking 15 minutes of time for assembling drone in the field which will give GPS enabled data which can be further process for DGPS correction. This technology so much efficient and accurate that it can cover kilometer distance within 5 minutes and can cover 500 acres of land in an hour.

    What We Are Researching?

    Drone in Health Sector.


    Madhukaa Drone services currently research projects are on the drone on health sectors for using as a transportation means. In Nepal, terrain is difficult due to hills and mountains. Drones can be used as transportation medium to deliver goods, medicines and blood pints.  Drones can be used to deliver the blood pints from the HQ hospital to the rural areas offices within the range of 5-10 km. Drones can be used for the transportation for the delivery of emergency medicine.

    What We Are Offering ?

    Drone Services.

    Using high quality cameras in drone, we produce aerial images and videos which can be used furthered to generate information for various kind of projects.


    Our expert drone pilot will capture extraordinary images and videos for you, that can be used for advertising, digital media, marketing, movies, modeling. Which will give new dimension in cinematography and marketing.

    02Survey & Mapping

    By flying our drone over your field we will capture the images and generate the 2D or 3D structure of your property. Using those images we provide contour maps with precised calculation.


    Using drone, we provide fast logistics to support the supply chain of the companies like eCommerce, manufacturing company. This service also useful for government bodies and NGO/INGOs to delivery the products in remote areas in fastest way.


    To inspect the project such as bridge inspection, transmission line inspections, damage assessments, insurance claim adjustments, construction progress monitoring etc., we provide drone services to engineers, architects, insurance companies. We make your job safer, easier and faster.

    05Agriculture Monitoring

    By using drone farmers and agriculture industries will able to monitor the corp health and identify the problems in the land. We provide drone services for mapping, scouting and spraying in agriculture sectors.

    06Rescue & Emergency

    We provide our drone service for governments, NGO/INGOs to provide rescue and emergency services during the natural disasters and emergencies where instant inspection, delivery of medical supply and goods are essentials to minimize the possible damages.
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