All About Madhuka Drone Services


Madhukaa Drone Services Pvt. Ltd is been planned with the purpose to provide the society with various services of drones that will make the lives of people better.

Various aerial tasks, mostly focused on data acquisition, that is required to be performed at different fields of operation is provided by our company with accuracy, efficiency, low risk and low cost. The UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) also commonly known as “Drone” has gained popularity in Nepal mostly after the 2015 earthquake. There are rising number of hobbyists in this field. Therefore, a big question arises; does the application of drones is limited to these toys? Definitely not. So we have come up with an idea; where drones can be used as a versatile service providing flying robots. Having expert team of pilots, engineers and marketing management the company has definitely excelled in the field of Drone Services all over the world.

Defined Goal

Madhukaa Drone Services has extensivley carried out its services to the customers since its establishment. It has never compromised in quality service and consumer satisfaction.

Fair Prices

The prices of each services provided by Madhukaa is fixed on the basis of various factors such as flight time, sensors, software and manpower used. It is nominal comparing it with the services that are available in the market.

Qualified Technicals

Madhukaa consists of qualified group of drone pilots,aviation engineers,GIS analyst, remote sensing engineers who are excellent in their fields of expertise. They have gained experience from all around the world.

Always Available

We are always available at the service of our customer demand. Taking the time and weather in constraints,delivery of services will be guaranteed according to the agreement done with our customers.

Internationally Trusted !


Madhukaa Drone Services is the first registered commercial drone service company in Nepal which is working to get legal license from concern government body to run the drone related business in Nepal. Once we will get the license our drone pilots of the company will also have pilot certification from concern authorities too.

Certficate of Company Registration

Drone Service Provider License (on process)

Certified Pilots (on process)