Drone photography in Nepal


Our expert drone pilot will capture extraordinary images and videos for you, that can be used for advertising, digital media, marketing, movies, modeling. Which will give new dimension in cinematography and marketing.
Survey and Mapping Using Drones in Nepal

Survey & Mapping

By flying our drone over your field we will capture the images and generate the 2D or 3D structure of your property. Using those images we provide contour maps with precised calculation.


Using drone, we provide fast logistics to support the supply chain of the companies like eCommerce, manufacturing company. This service also useful for government bodies and NGO/INGOs to delivery the products in remote areas in fastest way.


To inspect the project such as bridge inspection, transmission line inspections, damage assessments, insurance claim adjustments, construction progress monitoring etc., we provide drone services to engineers, architects, insurance companies. We make your job safer, easier and faster.
use of drone in agriculture industry in Nepal

Agriculture Monitoring

By using drone farmers and agriculture industries will able to monitor the corp health and identify the problems in the land. We provide drone services for mapping, scouting and spraying in agriculture sectors.

Rescue & Emergency

We provide our drone service for governments, NGO/INGOs to provide rescue and emergency services during the natural disasters and emergencies where instant inspection, delivery of medical supply and goods are essentials to minimize the possible damages.
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