Environment Surveys and Projects

The environment can be monitored for erosion, land degradation and the encroachment of invasive species. Pollution and environmental disasters can be monitored and the appropriate restorative action plans can be identified and carried out.

Construction Company

Drones reduce the costs of earthwork project bids and increase win rates. It can retrieve data faster to produce grading plans faster and with more accuracy. Eventually, more efficient and safer project operations can be obtained.

Urban Planning

Urban development requires intense planning. Traditional methods and techniques commonly used in the process emphasize data collection, analysis and tedious field work. Planners and engineers have recently begun utilizing drones to retrieve data from difficult-to-access areas and highly populated cities. They look forward to emerging drone technology to fill the information gaps they were experiencing with traditional methods.

Oil, Gas and Mines Exploration

In the mining industry aircrafts are primarily used for mapping remote and inaccessible terrains and explore for potential mineral deposits. New drone technology is on its way to replace labor-intensive methods of surveying, inspection and mapping. With the use of drones, 3D mapping of large-scale sub-surface environments, such as slopes, drifts and ore passes will now become easier and more cost effective. Because of the very accurate photogrammetric elevation models, this technology is very suitable for the determination of landfill volumes.

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