About Us

Madhukaa Drone Services Pvt. Ltd was established in 2017. It is founded to provide industrial and commercial drones and their services to the public. Madhukaa Drone Services is the first drone manufacturer/assembler in Nepal. We have been manufacturing drones for different applications like Agriculture Drone (Spraying drone), Agriculture Drone (Seed spreading drone), Search and Rescue drone, Transmission line stringing drone, Delivery drone, and other customized drones as per the requirement of clients. Along with this, we provide services related to drones like repairing and maintenance, aerial videography, survey, and mapping, etc.

Why Choose Us?

• The only drone Manufacturer Company in Nepal.
• Cost-effective products
• Assurity of drone’s operation till its lifetime.
• Service guaranteed.
• Training and support.
• Availability of upgrade kits and spare parts.