Drone delivery service is useful for private companies, government bodies, and NGO/INGOs to deliver products in remote areas in the fastest way. In the rural part of Nepal building, a reliable road infrastructure seems impossible. Drones can help get vital supplies to people without reliable access to roads.  We provide this amazing service. In countries like Nepal where the construction of roads and transportation is very difficult, these drones can become very much helpful for the transportation of goods. So, damage to natural resources can be avoided as well as the people at that part can be benefited.


Drones can provide  logistics to support the supply chain of the companies like eCommerce, manufacturing company and in many other fields.


Drones can deliver urgent medicines and other goods to reach, remote area, crossing high mountains and bodies of water on their way.


It can take much time for other vehicles to reach mountainous terrain which is very common in our country. So drones can be employed in such areas for fast supply of emergency medicines and other goods.


The cost of transportation of goods reduces to a greater extent. Therefore, the cost of medicines and other goods gets reduces.