Agriculture is the inseparable part of Nepal both socially and economically but the irony is that technologically it is still in the primitive ages. Development of Nepal cannot be thought of without any advancement in agriculture. So, drones can be instrumental to uplift the technology in agriculture of Nepal. Here are some reasons for the use of drones in survey.

  • Precision and Intelligent farming.
  • The software controlled drones benefits precision farming because drone takes high quality images. The images  help create contour maps to track the defective area precisely.
  • Optimizing input to reduce costs.
  • The inputs such as pesticides and insecticides spraying, the mass of crops to be sowed, irrigation can be optimized by intelligent identification. This reduces the input cost of the farmers.
    Avoiding crop losses through early identification.
  • Early identification of crops disease, lack of nutrients and irrigation can be determined by the data and images collected by the cameras and sensors in the drones. This will help to a greater extent to mitigate the crop losses.
    Increased profits at harvest time.
  • Proper monitoring of the crops via intelligent farming using drones will definitely enhance the crop yield.

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